Medieval sword found in Belarus

Medieval sword found in Belarus

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A medieval sword was discovered in the eastern part of Belarus, along the banks of the Berezina river in the city of Bobruisk, according to the Belarus Telegraph Agency (BelTA).

Inna Ovseichik, a senior researcher of the Bobruisk Local History Museum, explained, “such swords were in use during the High Middle Ages – from the second half of the 11th century to the end of the 13th century. Such swords were previously unearthed in Grodno and Novogrudok. All in all, there are seven swords of this period in the country. This is the first one to be found in Mogilev Oblast.”

Although part of the blade is missing, the sword has preserved well. “We have placed the artifact in distilled water to get rid of salts and stains. The sword remained in the ground for a long time and was damaged by corrosion. Our main task is restoration and conservation of the sword. After this, we will be able to study the item more closely. Such weapons often had an ornament or a marking on them. This will help us date the sword more precisely and find out who could have owned it,” Inna Ovseichik noted.

After all the procedures and a more thorough examination, the artifact will be put on display in the Bobruisk Local History Museum.

Top Image: Photo courtesy Bobrlife / Belarus.by

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