Medieval Houndtor: A Contested Landscape

Medieval Houndtor: A Contested Landscape

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Houndtor Medieval Village is one of the most famous deserted medieval villages in England. This film, including new research and input from members of the Moor Medieval Study Group, tells the story of the medieval origin and abandonment of the site and celebrates the contribution of a pioneering female archaeologist to the understanding and conservation of Dartmoor’s heritage.

Including interviews, medieval and 1960s re-enactment, this film explores the contested Houndtor landscape. Part of the Moor than meets the eye Scheme and made possible with funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, special thanks goes to the many fantastic volunteers who took part, RAMM Exeter, Historic England, English Heritage and owners of Houndtor Down.

This fascinating site is under the care of English Heritage – .

See also: Transhumance to Farmstead: Landscape and the Medieval Resettlement of Dartmoor

Top image: Houndor Medieval Village – photo by Nilfanion / Wikimedia Commons

Watch the video: Living and Dying on Medieval Dartmoor (July 2022).


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