Book of the Month Club: Edward III’s Round Table at Windsor

Book of the Month Club: Edward III’s Round Table at Windsor

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Our next book in the Book of the Month Club will be Edward III’s Round Table at Windsor: The House of the Round Table and the Windsor Festival of 1344, by Julian Munby, Richard Barber and Richard Brown

Published in 2007, this book focuses on a dramatic archaeological find at Windsor castle sheds new light on the idea of a round table as a gathering: the ‘House of the Round Table’ which Edward III ordered to be constructed at the conclusion of his Windsor festival of 1344.

The discovery of the foundation trench of a great building two hundred feet in diameter in the Upper Ward of Windsor castle, allows the reconstruction of that building’s appearance and raises the question of its purpose. Chronicles, building materials inventories from the royal accounts, medieval romances, and earlier descriptions of round table festivals all confirm the archaeological evidence: at a time when secular orders of knighthood were almost unknown, Edward declared his intention to found an Order of the Round Table with three hundred knights. This grand building, and the Arthurian entertainments he planned for it, would bind his nobles to his cause at a crucial point in his progress to claiming the throne of France.

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