International Medieval Congress is cancelled because of coronavirus

International Medieval Congress is cancelled because of coronavirus

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All of the major medieval studies conferences that were to be held this spring and summer have been cancelled due to coronavirus pandemic. This includes the International Medieval Congress, which officially cancelled this week.

In a message posted on the congress website, Axel Müller, the Director of the International Medieval Congress (IMC), explains, “because it is impossible to predict what the situation will be in July in Leeds, or indeed anywhere in the world, we feel it is necessary to take this step now… We recognise that the decision to cancel will disappoint, but after weighing up all factors, guidance and possible risks, we felt this decision had to be made now in the best interests of all involved.”

The IMC was due to take place from July 6th to 9th at the University of Leeds. It is one of the largest academic gatherings for medieval studies in the world, with up to 3000 people attending the annual event.

Steps are underway to refund the registration fees for all the delegates. The organizers plan to have this year’s special thematic strand on ‘Borders’ to take place in 2022.

It is with great sadness that we have decided to cancel this year’s International Medieval Congress, 6-9 July 2020, as a result of the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19). Find out more via our full statement: https://t.co/bu5lDmLXF1

— IMC_Leeds (@IMC_Leeds) March 24, 2020

Other major medieval conferences have also been cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic, including the International Congress on Medieval Studies and the Annual Meeting of the Medieval Academy of America. The Medieval Academy of America is hosting a special virtual version of their annual meeting, which will take place from March 27-29. .

#IMC2020 over before it started. Sad but inevitable. To those friends I've been excited to see, to those presenting & moderating, & to those I'll now have to wait to meet & learn from, I wish you all good fortune. Bring on #IMC2021, it's going to be great! https://t.co/swiQ9K6IpF

— Dr Martin Roberts (@RobertsMartinO) March 24, 2020

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