Animate Ivory: Animality, Materiality, and Pygmalion’s Statue

Animate Ivory: Animality, Materiality, and Pygmalion’s Statue

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Animate Ivory: Animality, Materiality, and Pygmalion’s Statue

Lecture by Peggy McCracken

The 2020 Oxford Medieval Studies Lecture given at the University of Oxford on January 23, 2020

Overview: Ovid’s Pygmalion story brings together craft, creation, and animation in the metamorphosis of an ivory statue into an ivory-white woman. Moving among several medieval translations of Ovid’s story, and focusing primarily on the adaptations in the thirteenth-century Romance of the Rose and the fourteenth-century Ovide moralisé, I investigate the animation of the ivory statue in order to question the values of animacy in relation to human being and animal death, and in relation to Christian salvation.

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Peggy McCracken is the Domna C. Stanton Collegiate Professor of French, Women’s Studies, and Comparative Literature at the University of Michigan. .

Top Image: Bodleian Library MS. Douce 332 fol. 192r

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