Medieval Youtube: From saving manuscripts to pee jokes

Medieval Youtube: From saving manuscripts to pee jokes

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Our latest roundup of videos found over the last month on Youtube that will be a delight to medievalists.

Wolfing Around the Border: Medieval Irish Warbands and Werewolves

What was the problem with werewolves in medieval Ireland? Ohio Wesleyan student Colin McGarry delivers a fun mini-lecture on medieval Irish border patrol.

The rise and fall of the Byzantine Empire

Ted-Ed animation explores the world of Byzantium. Lesson by Leonora Neville, animation by Remus & Kiki.

Remains of A Viking Sword from Bergen

Roland Warzecha visits Archaeological Museum Hamburg to examine the remains of a Viking sword discovered in Bergen, Norway.

The ancient manuscripts of Timbuktu

A documentary from Deutsche Welle (DW), Germany’s international broadcaster, on the efforts to save medieval manuscripts from extremists in western Africa.

Interview with Professor Charles Melville

Professor Charles Melville is a Professor of Persian History, and Fellow of Pembroke College, Cambridge. In this video he discusses his work with illustrated manuscripts as Director of the Shahnama Project. See also the second part of this interview, where he discusses his interest in history.

One-of-a-kind medieval tapestry from Høylandet Church

Ingrid Lunnan Nødseth, a PhD candidate at the NTNU University Museum, explains the significance of the Høylandet Tapestry, the only one of its kind in Norway.

Introduction to the medieval carvings of Leicestershire and Rutland

There are over 6,000 figurative medieval sculptures inside and outside the churches of Leicestershire and Rutland. Bob Trubshaw shows where to look for these carvings and also explores the more meanings and significance to the people who carved them. See also their website Project Gargoyle.

ASNC Society: a trailer

The students from the Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic Society at the University of Cambridge give a taste of what they do – looks like fun! :)

Crash Course Theater: Pee Jokes, the Italian Renaissance, Commedia Del’Arte

Painting, sculpture, music, architecture, and plays with fart jokes were all thriving between from 1300 – 1500, and we’re going to teach you about the theatrical aspects of that flourishing, as it happened in Italy.

Anna Adamska: International Medieval Congress at 25

Anna Adamska speaks about her experiences of the International Medieval Congress ahead of its 25th year. See also another video with Hervin Fernández-Aceves.

Raphael: The Renaissance Virtuoso

What can we learn from the composition of Raphael’s ‘Garvagh Madonna’, and how did he paint this impressive work? Find out with Matthias Wivel, our Curator of 16th-century Italian Paintings.

Interview with Tom Burman, Medieval Institute at the University of Notre Dame

Tom Burman, the Director of the Medieval Institute at Notre Dame, talks about the Institute and the work they do.

The Medieval Fair at Norman, Oklahoma

The 43rd Annual Medieval Fair at Norman, Oklahoma, took place in April. This video by Isabel Staudt shows what it was like this year.

Want more videos? Check out last month’s collection.

Watch the video: The Shocking Way People Washed Their Clothes In The Middle Ages. Timeline (July 2022).


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