The Medieval Magazine: The Crusades (Volume 2 Issue 30)

The Medieval Magazine: The Crusades (Volume 2 Issue 30)

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On November 27, 1095, Pope Urban II launched the First Crusade. This issue takes a look at the Crusades in commemoration of a date that changed the course of medieval history.

Inside this issue:

Did Crusaders Get Tattoos?

Stranger in a Strange Land: A Letter from the Crusades

Mortgaging Medieval Children

GPR Reveals Burial Grounds at Fountains Abbey

Londinium: Lecturing the Crusades at the Institute of Historical Research

20 Facts for 20 Years: Scotland’s Stone of Destiny

Medieval women can teach us how to smash gender rules & the glass ceiling

New Book: Robin Hood by John Matthews

and more…

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Watch the video: Holy Land - Ep: 1. Crusades. BBC Documentary (July 2022).


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