New Richard III Art Exhibit Opens Today

New Richard III Art Exhibit Opens Today

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In Leicester this May? Then you may want to stop by the Cank Gallery. Local Leicester artist Michael Harrison was commissioned to capture the events of Richard III’s interment this past March. In a exhibit entitled, Sanctuary for a King, Harrison displays his take on the events of that week through a series of impressionist styled paintings. The exhibition will open today and run until May 23. at the Cank Street Gallery, in Leicester. The first painting in the series is to be auctioned in aid of the work of Leicester Cathedral. Harrison was present during the week of ceremonies which culminated with the laying to rest of King Richard III in a specially built tomb, on 26th March.

Harrison, who has been painting since 1962, was thrilled to work on these pieces, “It was a great privilege to be present at this unique historical moment. The discovery of Richard’s remains has captured the imagination of the country, and for me to be able to record the events surrounding his re-interment is an honour. I want to capture the sense of wonder that surrounds this occasion. To get down in oils the way people have engaged with this story which spans over 500 years.”

Harrison attended Academie Julien, the old Post-Impressionist studio, in Paris. His work has been accepted for the prestigious Royal Society of British Artists and has been shown at the New English Art Club Annual Exhibitions at the Mall Galleries. Harrison’s influences include impressionists Walter Sickert, Jean-Édouard Vuillard, and Pierre Bonnard.

For more information about this event: http://www.cankstreetgallery.co.uk

To learn more about Michael Harrison, please visit: http://www.mfharrison.artspan.com

Watch the video: Richard III Benedict Cumberbatch dreams of the throne - The Hollow Crown: Episode 2 - BBC Two (July 2022).


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