Log book for Lt D.W. Gay - Ab Initio Courses and Remarks 2

Log book for Lt D.W. Gay - Ab Initio Courses and Remarks 2

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Log book for Lt D.W. Gay - Ab Initio Courses and Remarks 2

Here we see the detailed results of Lt. Gay's training courses in navigation and related skills at No.45 Air School, at Oudtshoorn in the Western Cape

This page gives a good idea of the topics being taught at the school, and Lt Gay's marks. He flew in Ansons and Oxfords, getting almost 130 hours between the two types. On the right we see his certificate for a course in ditching procedures, use of the aircraft's dinghy and the exists from the Anson and Oxford.

Air Navigation Test146/ 200
Air Navigation Exercise148/ 200
Armament181/ 259
Aircraft Recognition42/50

Many thanks to Martin Hampton, the son in law of Lt. Gay, for sending us this material.

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